Why Greater Noida is an ideal option?


What do you think of when you imagine your college life? Spending time with your buddies, exploring the city, the hangout spots, excursions, Weekend outings maybe some of the things on your bucket list.


For many students college life is more than the college itself. This is a period in your life that changes your personality. It makes you who you will be as an adult and makes you aware of the world.

Hence it is of vital importance that while choosing a college for higher education, you also pay attention to the city which will be your home for the next few years.

There are multiple advantages of being in Greater Noida for your higher education. It is a metropolitan hub, with people from not only across the country but also the world residing here. This exposes you to multiple cultures and a wide variety of beliefs and opinions and helps you grow as a person.   

Noida is also located in the National Capital Region, giving it an added advantage of location and connectivity to the rest of the country, and by extension the world.


Since it is so close to the national capital, students are exposed to a plethora of fields, opportunities, co curricular, internships and experiences.

Being so close to industry, students have numerable opportunities to explore their talents and polish their knowledge. This helps them to update their set of skills and make their resume more attractive.

Let’s also not forget that Noida itself was established for the purpose of industry, the city has multiple industries, companies and organisations where students from multiple fields can work.

Living in Noida is also very delightful. The city is affordable, with good intracity transport and a highly developed social infrastructure.

 Students can explore malls, gardens, Okhla bird sanctuary or the street food hotspots from Bramhaputra Market to Atta. The city has something for everyone.

 This gives Greater Noida an edge over other cities because only a very few cities in India can offer as many advantages like these.

 Gautam Buddha University, established by the Uttar Pradesh Gautam Buddha University Act 2002 UP Act No. 9 of 2002, is one of the most prestigious universities in the region.

 The university provides the students with infrastructure at par with international standards. The faculty here is devoted to providing quality education to students.  There are dedicated and well-equipped labs for all disciplines.

 There are eight different schools of studies at the university, making it an ideal destination for students from across disciplines and from across the country.

 This makes GBU, the ideal choice for your higher education.

  To know more about the university, click here.