Top MBA courses you should not miss while taking admission


Business school is the need of the hour. The world is booming along with its economy and there are new start-ups at every corner. In such times, knowledge of how to run a business has become practically mandatory. Fortunately, there are numerous courses available for applicants who wish to broaden their horizons in the business world.


Masters of Business Administration (MBA) is the most commonly desired advanced degree every aspiring business student wants in their belt. Itis an internationally recognized degree designed to develop skills needed in management and business studies. MBA degrees range from a number of subjects like economics, accounting and marketing to name a few.


Due to the variety of MBAs’ available, it quite often becomes a daunting task for students to be able to choose which one is right for them. There are many universities of repute who offer the MBA courses, some of which also desire students who have already had some professional experience.

Advantages of achieving an MBA are fairly common knowledge, however, some of those are;

·         The availability of numerous high paying jobs

·         Increased self confidence

·         Greater job security

·         The expansion of professional networking

·         Career opportunities in established countries of the western world

·         Earning respect among your peer

·         A prestigious degree in your academic kitty

·         The ability to dabble in plenty diverse career paths

·         Developing skills in strategic planning

·         Due to the course pattern, one develops time management and organizational skills much needed in a corporate setup

·         Increased market value

·         Meeting accomplished academians and established professionals from the same field





Whether it is in the field of human resource, finance or marketing management, there are huge scopes in each of them that make the decision process even harder. Some want highly paid jobs whereas some just want to specialize in a domain that their passion lies in. Regardless of the confusion, there are some courses while in pursuit of an MBA that you should not miss. Some top MBA courses to be considered are;

MBA – Business Analytics


As the name suggests, an MBA is not fully complete unless the word ‘business’ is in it. Extremely popular amidst the corporate world, business analytics ideally refers to the techniques and skills needed to covert data into provable knowledge and insights that aid in spearheading many business decisions.

An MBA in business analytics will enable you to learn about various analytical tools like spotting of trends, managing and reporting dashboard, etc. and put them into practical use. It will also help in creating expertise on how to use these tools to be able to analyze data and generate intellectual business decisions.


Every institution has its own set of subjects that are offered in the MBA business analytics program. Some of these subjects are;

·         Legal aspects of business

·         Analytics of industry applications

·         Data mining, cleaning and visualization

·         Applies statistics

·         Query languages

·         Spreadsheet modeling and analysis

·         Basic data analytics

·         Predictive modelling

·         Artificial intelligence

·         Data environment

·         Organizational behaviors

·         Data management

·         Business intelligence


A large number of companies require a business analytics team for which an MBA in the same domain is desirable if not mandatory. Organizations that deal in facilities like Information technology, retailing, manufacturing, e-commerce and healthcare usually have such a team at place.

Opportunities and Career Options


Some enviable career paths one can choose after qualifying for the degree include but are not limited to;

·         Business analyst

·         Data mining expert

·         Data warehousing expert

·         Big data analyst (the expertise of identifying trend and patterns and making relevant predictions)

·         SAS programmer

·         Business analyst project manager


Dual degree courses – BBA+MBA


dual degree course like BBA+MBA is a five year long integrated program designed for students that have completed their twelfth grade and are looking to pursue a career in business management.


 It innovatively combines both, a bachelor’s and a master’s degree.

The main advantage of this course is that it gives freshmen a chance at directly securing two degrees after completion of the course in a shorter time than it would take do to each individually. A dual degree also helps saving on costs due to its shorter duration.

A few of the subjects that a BBA+MBA dual degree course offer are;

·         Business ethics

·         Strategic marketing

·         Managerial economics

·         Managing people and organizations

·         Financial accounting

·         Entrepreneurship

·         Small and large business management

·         Business economics

·         Fundamentals of information technology (IT)

·         Business mathematics

·         Business English

·         Principles of micro and macro economics

·         Elements of management

·         Enrichment courses


Opportunities and Career Options


Career options are huge after receiving this dual-degree and people can work in almost any field. Law, hotel management, event management, investment management, consultancy, business development, marketing, human resources and information technology are few of the fields students can pursue in the future.

MBA – Marketing


Who doesn’t deal with marketing in their daily work routines? Every business from established to start-ups rely heavily on marketing. This makes an MBA in marketing a highly coveted qualification. Now with the shift to digital and online marketing, this course is helpful both to employers as well as employees. 


The best part about this, is that despite it being a specialized program for marketing, it can prove to be important in the act of pursuing many other career ranging from entrepreneurship to consultation practices.


The subjects covered in MBA-marketing commonly are;

·         Brand management

·         Marketing management

·         Operations

·         Consumer insights

·         Sales management

·         Forecasting and modelling strategies

·         Digital marketing including social media

·         New product branding strategies

·         Retain management

·         Rural marketing

·         Integrated marketing communications

·         Consumer behavior

·         Service marketing


Opportunities and Career Options


Due to its varied subjects which are extremely insightful and important in today’s business world, this is a must-do course when considering an MBA. People with broad analytical skills and leadership qualities are best suited for this degree. 


Designations like marketing manager, product manager, social media influencer, marketing research analyst and marketing communications manager are just a few that a graduate can consider.





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A very prominent University is the Gautam Buddha University – a globally acclaimed institution for integrated academics and research. It offers various degrees in management studies such as the dual degree BBA+MBA, B com+MBA, B.Com, B.Sc. in hotel management, MTTM, MHM and PhD.


The MBA degrees it offers are in finance, operations, management, strategy, executive program and business analytics.If you feel that you have the spark towards pursuing an MBA with a great infrastructure like GBU, enroll yourself right now.


Located in Noida, the university is very well reputed especially for its management courses. Noida is a beautiful city and very welcoming of students. Some advantages of studying in the city are;

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·         Its close proximity to the international airport

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·         Excellent hospitals and health care facilities

·         Huge shopping malls

·         Diverse food options at numerous restaurants


To offer more students the chance to avail of these programs, many universities also offer part-time programs and night schools for people who have otherwise pressing routines. Obtaining a masters business management administration should now be easy to obtain for anyone without any room for excuses. The above mentioned degrees are vital in helming a person’s career and are absolutely not to be skipped while considering an MBA.

Despite the conundrum faced during choosing a course, rest be assured that an MBA degree, be it in any of the above mentioned fields, is a highly regarded and reputable degree to hold. It not only broadens your academic horizons but helps ease its holders in to the big bad corporate world. Making this transition simple, a student can confidently face all business related issues and solve them hands on.